For more information on Transportation Services operations, please click here. In response to the Yolo County Shelter in Place order and the Chancellor’s guidance to reduce campus operations,
Transportation Services lobby and Kiosks will be closed until further notice. Please see information on our office hours and purchasing a permit by clicking here.

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Transportation Services: COVID-19 Department Update

Last Updated 10/05/20, 11:17 a.m.

COVIDIn response to the Yolo County Shelter in Place order and the Chancellor’s guidance to reduced campus operations, Transportation Services offices and Kiosks will be closed to customer traffic until further notice. While most transactions can be done online or via email, there may be some circumstances in which an in-person appointment is needed. See the latest updates below.


  • Parking Enforcement: Enforcement of regular permit requirements will resume as of August 1. Please note that restricted spaces (i.e. red zones, disabled stalls, etc.) are subject to enforcement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Campus Core Access: The restricted core policy is still in effect during suspended campus operations. Authorized vendors may call the phone number posted at the gate arm, Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.–4 p.m., for access.
  • Mobility Assistance Shuttle: Services are not available at this time. We are continuing to evaluate protective equipment and procedures that will ensure staff, students and faculty are safe. Please continue to monitor this site for updates to the program.
  • Parking Permits Requirements: A valid parking permit or payment at a meter will be required to park on the Davis campus as of August 1.  See Parking Enforcement above. If you require a permit you may purchase here. If you are UCD Faculty or Staff payroll deducted permits may be requested. Those who do not wish to park on campus during August or come to campus infrequently and prefer to purchase daily permits should wait to request/purchase a new monthly or longer term permit.
    • Enforcement: Regular permit enforcement resumed on August 1, 2020. A notice was sent to permit holders in May 2020 with information regarding payroll deducted permit cancellations (6/30/20). If you are in need of a payroll deducted permit, please request one here.
    • Daily Permits: No refunds will be processed for daily permit purchases.
    • Parking Citations: Citation payments and appeal due dates will remain in effect according to established schedules.  Payments and appeals may be submitted online or by mail (postmarks will be honored) if preferred. For additional information, please visit

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The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted Transportation Services, and as we work to stabilize our budget, we have had to make some tough choices to suspend goClub benefits and commuter subsidies. Our commitment to sustainable transportation is only temporarily eclipsed by public health guidance and what we hope to be short-term budget challenges. The following goClub member benefits will be put on hold until further notice:

  • Transit Subsidies (WageWorks) | The transit subsides administered through WageWorks for goClub members will be suspended until further notice. For those seeking refunds for transit passes purchased via WageWorks, please see the WageWorks response here.
  • Complimentary Parking Permits | Complimentary parking permits for goClub members will be suspended until further notice. No new complimentary parking permits will be distributed to active goClub members.
    • If parking on campus, a valid parking permit is required and parking will be enforced beginning August 1. Daily parking passes will be available at parking kiosks for $10/day.
  • Transportation Services Sales | Transit passes and transit vouchers will no longer be available for purchase from Transportation Services. Please see below for updates on where you may purchase transit passes:
    • Unitrans passes may be purchased at the Unitrans Office. Please click here to see a full list of fare pricing and where you may purchase your single or multi-day transit pass.
    • SolanoExpress (Blue Line) passes may be purchased through FAST both in person [click here] or by mail [click here]. Please see the modified schedule for SolanoExpress by clicking here.
    • Yolobus uses Connect Card for use on transit throughout the Sacramento region. Click here to see retail outlets where you may obtain your Connect Card. Please contact Yolobus directly at 530-666-2877 and ask to speak with Pass Sales if you have any questions or would like additional information.
      • Students may board Yolobus with use of a valid UC Davis ID.
    • Davis-Berkeley Shuttle tickets may be purchased in advance by clicking here. As of July 1, all Wednesday and Saturday shuttle trips have been temporarily suspended due to low ridership. All other days will remain on the regular Shuttle schedule.
    • Causeway Connection will be fare free for all UC Davis affiliates through September. Click here to read more about fare-free boarding for affiliates. The Causeway Connection uses Connect Card for use on transit throughout the Sacramento region. Click here to see retail outlets where you may obtain your Connect Card.
    • Amtrak (Capitol Corridor) passes may be purchased through Amtrak stations as well as on the Amtrak app. Amtrak will increase service beginning June 1, adding back some of the service it was forced to reduce when shelter-in-place orders went into effect. The updated schedule is available on the Schedules page of the Capitol Corridor website.
      • If you have a monthly or 10-ride ticket that you will not be using, you may request a refund by calling Amtrak at 1-800-USA-RAIL. Cancellation fees are waived through April 30, 2020, and refunds will be prorated based on the number of unused rides. Click here for more details and see steps below if you purchased your pass through WageWorks.
    • Steps to refund Amtrak passes purchased through WageWorks
    • 1. Call Amtrak’s General Line 1-800-872-7245

      2. Do not select the Capital Corridor option in the phone tree. Select option #2.

      3.  When provided the opportunity to describe your needs to the automated Amtrak system say, “Talk to an Agent”

      4.  When you are connected with an Amtrak agent, ask to be connected with “the Refund Department”

      5.  The automated system will then offer you the opportunity to wait on hold or request a call back. Choose whichever works best for you. (I waited on the line for ~20 minutes.)

      6.  Tell the Agent that you would like a refund for my monthly pass purchased through WageWorks. Be ready to give the agent your reservation number and confirm information about you, the ticket holder.

      7.  The Amtrak Agent will then have to do a bunch of things in the background. Be patient and supportive.

      8.  Eventually, the Amtrak Agent will explain that you will receive a voucher that you can’t use and THEN a check in the mail that will serve as your refund. (It’s just the way they have to make the system work.) Amtrak doesn’t know how long it will take for the refund check to arrive.

      9.  Will receive a case number toward the end.

    • Causeway Connection: The Causeway Connection launched on May 4 with modified service, operating during peak hours between 6-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. The modified schedule is posted on the Causeway Connection's official webpage at and can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here.
      • Fare-Free Boarding: Our commitment to fare free boarding for UC Davis affiliates will extend to the Intercampus Shuttle. UC Davis affiliates can simply show their UC Davis ID to board at no cost.

    • Membership: There will be no changes to membership unless a member indicates they would like to cancel or change commute modes. Please contact the goClub if you wish to make any updates by emailing
    • Carpool Matching: Considering many commuters’ reliance on transit and the potential of forthcoming interruptions, our Aggie commuters should consider registering on the campus’ carpool-matching website (Zimride) to form a carpool commute. Please note: Joining a carpool doesn’t necessarily follow the prevailing social distancing advice, so exercise all due precautions and stay home if you are feeling ill.
      • Zimride: See Zimride Enterprise change in service as a response to COVID-19 by clicking here.

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    • Theft Prevention: With the number of people on campus quickly decreasing, the UC Davis Bicycle Program encourages all who have left their bicycles in open campus areas but plan to leave the campus for an extended time, to remove their bicycles and store them inside their residences where possible. When storing your bicycle indoors, please take care to prevent damage to your dwelling’s walls and floors. Also, do not store your bicycle in areas that could be used as an evacuation route (hallways, stairwells, etc.).
    • Long-Term Bicycle Storage: The impact of COVID-19 has created a demand for bike storage. Our team has made space available for people to store their bicycles with our program. Please contact us at 530-754-2453 to arrange storage.
    • Lock-cuts, Impounds: The Bicycle Program is available by appointment for most services. Please contact us at 530-754-2453 to book an appointment.
    • Impound Bicycle Abatement: The Bicycle Program will be focused on certain high-demand areas on campus and be removing bicycles clearly abandoned. We encourage anyone who left a bicycle on campus who is concerned about it to call us at 530-754-2453 to discuss options.
    • Bicycle Auction: Bicycles in our Impound for greater than 90 days are auction eligible. Certain auction eligible bicycles are sent to an auction partner in Stockton (California Auction Company) who holds regular online auctions including bicycles abandoned on UC Davis campus. Tentatively, our next on-site auction will be held on October 24 (or 17). We'll be sure to update our site to confirm date as soon as possible.

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    • The University Airport remains open along with fueling service, however, the Fixed Operation Businesses (FOBs) are operating at their discretion.

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    Questions? Please contact Transportation Services at You may experience longer than usual response times as our staff have adjusted schedules.

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