Drive Alone

Drive Alone

Go Ahead, Drive Alone

Okay, this is a mixed message. We know. Hear us out. For many in the Aggie Community, driving alone, or in a single-occupancy vehicle to campus goes against the goals of the goClub, and even sustainability efforts put forth by the University. What we really want you drive alone-drivers to know is this: We see you and we need your help.

Whatever your reason for driving alone to campus; you're a parent/guardian of children and need a vehicle to drop your kids off at school and run after-work errands, public transportation isn't convenient, or maybe you just like having your own car and dictating your own schedule--keep doing what you're doing and help us by becoming a champion for the goClub.


Your advocacy not only helps our efforts to reduce the number of vehicles regularly traveling to-from campus, but it helps you! Fewer cars on the road, means less traffic for you. Fewer vehicles parked on campus, means more parking stalls available for you. The amount of time you spend in your car driving to-from campus and looking for parking will improve with every person you point to the goClub.

If there is a way for you to commute better, we want to help you to do that. And no, we're not just tricking you to get on a bus. We're not about all-or-nothing. Any adjustment that might take you (your car) off the road even one day a week is a step in the right direction.

Here are 3 ways you can be a better, drive-alone commuter:

  • 1. Consider Teleworking
  • The goClub loves and promotes teleworking. Besides being able to work from home once a week, or twice a month, you are keeping your car off the road and out of parking structures when you telework. Teleworking also allows you some work-life balance, time to efficiently focus on your computer-based workflow, and--studies have shown--improve your creativity. You can do all this without giving up your parking permit. We wrote a whole page about teleworking and hope it is something you might consider. Learn more
  • 2. Go Multi-Modal (use more than one mode of transportation)
  • Many of those who drive alone don't even consider other modes of transportation. "I paid for my parking permit, I might as well use it," is a common thought. We don't want you to be tethered to your vehicle as the only mode of transportation, which is why we would like you to consider going multi-modal (use more than one or multiple modes of transportation).

    Being multi-modal means that you can take other forms of transportation from time to time, such as on Spare The Air Days, or during emergencies. You might think of being multi-modal as having a back-up plan or alternative route that you can use as needed. A good place to start is to learn which other modes or commute options are available to you in your area. Then, try it out. If for no other reason than you are preparing yourself in the event you cannot drive your vehicle to campus, explore your transportation options.
  • 3. Go Electric
  • Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common, not to mention efficient to charge, for consumers. If you're going to drive to work every day, why not save yourself a little money. The upfront costs of electric vehicles can be daunting but you can make up for that with the cost saving in an eGallon. An eGallon is the cost of fueling a vehicle with electricity compared to a similar vehicle that runs on gasoline. Please see for more information on cost savings. Learn more


Please contact our commute experts at the goClub. Email us!