TPAAC Committee 2022-23

2022-23 TPAAC Committee Members

Tracy Zhu Undergraduate Student Representative
Elias Bunting Graduate Student Representative
Yuanbin Wu Graduate Student Representative (Alternate)
Nicholas Fauchier-Magnan Staff Representative
Dan Ransom Staff Representative
Shayaun Diallo Staff Representative (Alternate)
Pat Randolph Academic Federation Representative
Deborah Lieu Academic Federation Representative (Alternate)
Benjamin Moeller Academic Senate Representative
Maxwell Rudolph Academic Senate Representative
Peter Kelly Special Events Management Group (SEMG) Representative
Russell Zochowski Disability Issues Administration Advisory Committee (DIAAC) Representative
Aaron Lester At-Large Member
Perry Eggleston Committee Chair
Ramon Zavala Transportation Services Ex-Officio
Linda Braak Transportation Services Ex-Officio
Bryce Council Transportation Services Ex-Officio
Shelby Slutzker Transportation Services Ex-Officio
Gina Preciado Transportation Services Ex-Officio
Heather Davis Office of Planning and Environmental Stewardship Ex-Officio
Jason Magness Architects and Engineers Ex-Officio
Dan Golde Architects and Engineers Ex-Officio
Jeff Flynn Unitrans Ex-Officio
Heather Gastellum ASUCD Advisor to Athletics and Advisory Committees Ex-Officio
Michael Godfrey UC Davis Health Ex-Officio