Sustainable Commencement

Choose a Car-Free Commencement 

This Commencement, we expect an increase in people visiting the UC Davis campus. With many of them driving, please keep in mind that during Commencement ceremonies roads may be congested and campus parking demand will be high. If driving, we highly recommend that you carpool. Or, if you’re looking to avoid traffic congestion altogether, go car-free!

Car-Free Commencement

Davis has the small-town charm with big-city transit options. Whether you get to Commencement by bus, train, biking or walking, choosing an alternative transportation option can end up saving you time to celebrate the graduating class (instead of sitting in traffic)! See below for alternative transportation options for getting to UC Davis.

  • Walking or biking to campus are great options if you are already in Davis. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that Davis is a haven for pedestrians and cyclists. Just be sure to keep an eye out for vehicular traffic as there is sure to be an influx of vehicles on surface streets. There is ample bike parking around campus.

  • Bus to campus on Unitrans, Yolobus, Solano Express, or the Causeway Connection. See below for more details on these routes:
    • Bussing from within Davis - Unitrans is a great option and is operated by our very own Aggies. There are not many places in Davis that Unitrans cannot reach.

      See Unitrans route information
    • Bussing from Woodland - Yolobus route 42A and 42B can get you to the Memorial Union bus terminal on the north side of campus with a 15-20 minute walk to the festivities.

      See Yolobus live bus tracker feature
    • Bussing from the Bay Area, Fairfield, or Dixon - The Solano Express (Blue Line) serves cities along I-80 and can even connect you to BART. Note: Availability differs between weekends and weekdays.

      See Solano Express route information
    • Bussing from Sacramento - The Causeway Connection is our electric bus that connects UC Davis Health and UC Davis campuses.

      See Causeway Connection route information

  • Go by train. There’s an Amtrak station about a mile from campus and is a great option for those coming along the I-80. For complete and up-to-date Capitol Corridor schedules (Amtrak) and fare information please visit the Amtrak website, or call 1-877-974-3322 to talk to a live person.

    Visit the Amtrak website
  • Carpool, ride-share, or ride-hail. Yes, we know…not car-free, but we anticipate carpooling, ride-sharing and ride-hailing to be the most popular way people will arrive at Commencement (so we’re adding it to this list). Note on carpooling: If you do carpool, get cozy and do your part to help reduce the traffic and parking congestion by making sure you pack as many people for which you have seatbelts in those cars!


Thank you for doing your part to reduce traffic and parking congestion on this important day!