Campus Residents

Students living in residence halls or other student/family housing are not eligible to purchase longer term campus day use permits. Vehicles registered to campus housing residents (or the resident's family name/address) may not display longer term day use campus permits and are subject to citation and additional sanctions. Permit sharing or misuse may result in citation issuance, revocation or suspension of future permit privileges, refund forfeiture, and/or a referral to the Student Judicial Affairs office.

Residence Hall Residents (Segundo, Tercero, Cuarto):

Students living in the residence halls are not eligible to purchase campus parking permits and are expected to utilize public transportation. Those residents who feel they have extenuating circumstances that may warrant an exception to the Student Housing Parking Policy may send an email to Student Housing at to request an appeal form. All exceptions must be granted through the Student Housing Office and Transportation Services will be notified of the authorization for exception. Residents that have been granted authorization will be eligible to purchase only a "K" permit, which provides parking in non-restricted spaces in the Cuarto area, as posted. After 5pm, “K” permits are honored on the main campus in unrestricted permit spaces and at meters without inserting coin.  Residents will be required to provide Transportation Services with proof of vehicle registration prior to permit purchase, and the vehicle license plate number will be recorded on the permit.

Other Campus Housing Residents (Solano Park, Russell Park, LaRue Park, The Colleges at LaRue, Primero Grove, 8th & Wake, West Village):

Residents of these housing facilities are not eligible for longer term campus day use permits. Residents may purchase a campus Night (N) permit, which is valid on campus 5pm-10pm.  

Permits for these housing areas are issued by the respective housing office and must be fully displayed in your vehicle, as indicated on the permit in a position clearly visible to Parking Enforcement officers (Transportation Services does not provide services to the 8th & Wake property). Housing permits are not valid in campus parking areas. Parking regulations in these housing areas are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and parking regulations are enforced during quarter breaks and the summer. Please contact your respective housing office to determine their policies in regard to visitor parking (individuals must be visiting on site).