Central Campus Access

The restricted center core area of the UC Davis campus is defined as that portion of the central campus that limits vehicular traffic by the use of traffic control gates and bollards. General vehicle access to the restricted campus core, identified at various entry points by mechanical gate arms, is limited to emergency response vehicles, authorized buses, Mobility Assistance Shuttles and authorized vehicles whose heavy loading/unloading needs cannot be met by other parking options. 

Vehicles entering the core are required to display a “Central Campus” permit and drivers are responsible for adhering to established central campus access guidelines and regulations in efforts to maintain a safe environment.  Temporary access permits (up to 30 minutes for heavy loading/unloading purposes) may be requested from the West Entry Information Kiosk, located on Hutchison Drive near the west entrance to the central campus.  Written requests for longer term access (up to one hour) may be submitted to Transportation Services for review.  If approved, these permits must be displayed with a valid UCD permit or in an Exempt vehicle.  Central campus permits provide parking in unrestricted marked parking spaces located in small parking areas throughout the core area.  They do not provide street parking or access to restricted spaces.

Vehicular movement in the center core is prohibited during class breaks/lockdown.  When a traffic control gate light is flashing, lockdown is in progress and drivers may not enter the center core during this time.  To avoid blocking vehicles that are authorized to move during class breaks (emergency response vehicles, public transit buses and the Mobility Assistance Shuttle), drivers may not pull their vehicle in front of the gate arm until the light has stopped flashing.  Drivers may never drive around the bollards or control gates to gain access.  Drivers that are already in the core during class breaks are required to park along the curb and stay in the vehicle until lockdown/class break has concluded.  The core may not be used as a short cut to travel to a destination point outside of the campus core, or to drop off passengers, and the speed limit when driving in the core is 15MPH.  This policy is intended to help reduce the amount of vehicular traffic within the core and minimize the potential of car versus bicyclist/pedestrian accidents.

Hours of operation for central campus lockdown periods are Monday-Friday, 7:50am-7:10pm.  Please refer to the schedule, below.   The Central Campus access management policy is administered by Transportation Services (TAPS), and parking violations are enforced by Transportation Services and the campus Police.  Moving violations (exceeding the speed limit, driving during class breaks/lockdown, disregarding bollards/gates, etc.) will be enforced by the campus Police Department.


Lockdown Schedule:

 Lockdown Start Time   Lockdown End  Time 
7:50am 8:00am
8:50am 9:00am
9:50am 10:00am
10:20am 10:30am
10:50am 11:00am
11:50am 12:10pm
1:00pm 1:10pm
1:30pm 1:40pm
2:00pm 2:10pm
3:00pm 3:10pm
4:00pm 4:10pm
4:30pm 4:40pm
5:00pm 5:10pm
6:00pm 6:10pm
7:00pm 7:10pm


Central Campus parking privileges may be revoked at any time. Below are points to remember when driving/parking in the center core:

  • The speed limit is 15MPH
  • Be aware of bicycle and pedestrian traffic
  • Use caution when entering a traffic circle and always travel in a counter clockwise direction
  • Park only in unrestricted marked parking spaces for the time authorized by your permit
  • Do not park on the street
  • Vehicle movement is prohibited during class breaks