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Transportation Tomorrow Forum: Introducing License Plate Recognition Technology

SCENARIO | Parking enforcement on campus is currently managed by Enforcement Officers, who surveil campus parking areas and seek out valid (and invalid) parking permits on vehicles. Enforcement Officers can be effective, but with the number of parking stalls on campus; inefficient. In 2021, Transportation Services plans to install a License Plate Recognition (LPR) system on all enforcement vehicles. This technology will increase efficiency, allowing Enforcement Officers to quickly scan the license plates of any vehicle parked on campus, determining which vehicles are/are not permitted, and issue citations accordingly.

DISCUSSION QUESTION | With the efficiency the LPR will bring to parking enforcement, what are the drawbacks? What do we as a campus stand to



THE FORUM FLOW | We will open each Transportation Tomorrow Forum with a 10-15 minute presentation of the topic, offering up a deeper dive into the scenario. Then, 30-45 minutes will be spent discussing questions that have been submitted through registration or during the open comment period. The remaining time will be open for Q&As. 

COMMENT PERIOD, OPEN THROUGH NOVEMBER 12, 2020 | The comment period is a time when anyone may submit a comment or question for the topic up for discussion. You may also submit a comment or question at the time of registration. All pertinent submissions will be considered for discussion and may be addressed during the forum. Submissions may also receive a written response posted on the bottom of this page following the forum.

DO YOU HAVE A NEW IDEA? WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR SOLUTIONS! | Do you have a creative solution to an aspect of transportation or parking on campus? We want to hear your ideas! Anyone may submit an idea or project proposal not listed above for discussion. Simply, submit a document that outlines an issue and offer your solution.


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