Directions To/From Sacramento

Westbound (Sacramento to Davis)

Option 1:

From Sacramento cross the Tower Bridge, taking the exit onto West Capitol Avenue. Continue on West Capitol for approximately 3.25 miles to the Yolo Causeway Bike Path on the north side of Interstate 80. Continue on the bike path for approximately 5 miles. At the end of the causeway you will emerge on a levee road leading to County Road 32A. Continuing westbound on County Road 32A, you have an option at the intersection of County Road 105 to take a Class I bike path directly into downtown Davis. Note that this bike path has only two exit options: at Mace Avenue and Olive Drive. You may also cross the railroad tracks and bear left to continue on County Road 32A, which connects to 2nd Street to downtown Davis. Distance: approximately 16 miles.

Option 2

If your destination is in South Davis, you may take an optional route on Chiles Road, a frontage road on the south side of Interstate 80. From the west exit of the Yolo Causeway Bike Path, cross under the highway and follow the road westbound to South Davis, with connections to the Putah Creek Bike Path.

Eastbound (Davis to Sacramento)

Essentially the reverse of above, with one adjustment. On approach to the Tower Bridge, you must cross under the expressway to access the eastbound lane. Follow bike route signs.