Choosing a Bicycle

Choosing a Bicycle

Davis is a great place to buy a bike. With six bike shops conveniently located within a few blocks of each other, variety, selection and competitive prices are ensured. Students who do not wish to transport a bicycle from home or feel that their old bicycle is unsuitable for everyday use can take advantage of local sales, service and repair at one of Davis' many dealers. Qualified bicycle shops will be able to outfit anyone with the right size and style of bicycle, as well as the appropriate security devices.

Those looking for an inexpensive "fixer-upper" bicycle may find just what they are looking for at the biannual UC Davis Bike Auctions which take place in the fall and spring quarters. More than 350 bikes are available at these sales! Please see the auction flyer or call (530) 752-BIKE for more information.

Used bikes are sold at some local bike shops, but the best selection is usually found at the ASUCD Bike Barn on campus. Thrifty shoppers should also check out local yard sales and on-line classified ads.

Avoid "department store" bikes. Always buy a new bike from a specialty bicycle retailer. You get what you pay for. "Big Box" brand bikes are usually of poor quality, heavy, inefficient, may be improperly assembled, and will not last long. When buying a used bike, look for reputable brands originally sold through bike shops.

Before bringing your bike to Davis, make sure it is in good condition. This means legal brakes, safe tires, lights and reflectors. If you are unsure of your bike's condition, have it checked out by a qualified mechanic. Buy and install fenders before the first rains – you'll want them then!