Bicycle Education & Advice

Advice & Information from the UC Davis Bicycle Coordinator

Davis, both the city and the campus, earned its recognition as the nation's first "Platinum Level Bicycle Friendly Community"* because of efforts to provide its thousands of pedalers with a safe and convenient cycling environment. Wide streets, well-marked bike lanes, inviting pathways, abundant bike parking, gentle terrain, mild climate, and an attitude of mutual respect between cyclists and motorists have resulted in a community with the most bikes per capita of any in the nation.

Even if you're not a bicycle enthusiast, chances are you'll soon find yourself depending on your bike for a significant portion of your travels around the Davis community. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to bicycle instead of drive in order to support local efforts to reduce traffic congestion, global warming, air pollution, and demand for auto parking spaces.

*Awarded by the League of American Bicyclists, October 2005.