Airport Services


  • 24/7 Self Service Fuel Station
  • 100 Octane low lead fuel

Services (Supplied by Commercial or Fixed Base Operator)

Pre-paid Fuel

The program allows pilots to purchase pre-paid fuel cards as follows:

  • Discounted fuel prices
  • $5 for the fuel card
  • The minimum purchase amount is $100
  • The maximum amount that may be purchased at one time is $1500
  • Pre-paid cards will normally be available within 24 hours of submission of a pre-paid fuel application
  • University Airport is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced cards
  • University Airport is not responsible for fuel purchased with a lost, stolen, or misplaced card
  • Download an application


Free parking lot next to airport


Paved for transient and based aircraft


  • T-hangars for single and multi-engine aircraft
  • Shades and tie-down space available

Emergency Contact

  • Transportation Services Airport Staff - Phone: (530) 752-0100
  • Cliff Contreras, Transportation Services Director and Airport Manager - Phone: (530) 752-5435