Summer Bicycle Storage

Summer Bike Storage

Students leaving Davis for the summer may store their bicycles at Transportation Services for $25.00. Bikes will be accepted at Transportation Services on weekdays beginning Monday, June 12th, and continuing from Monday - Friday between the hours of 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Transportation Services is located just north of the Pavilion Parking Structure and behind the campus Fire and Police Station. All bikes must be registered with a current California bike license available at Transportation Services. Bikes will be secured inside in a locked storage room.

Important Note: Due to space limitations, only the first 250 bicycles will be accepted for storage. Transportation Services does not take reservations for storage space.

Students & others leaving Davis for the summer may not leave bikes just anywhere on campus, including the residence hall bike lots. Bikes may only be stored at the Transportation Services bike yard. Bikes left elsewhere will be impounded and their owners charged for storage and any associated fines. Owners of bikes left in any student housing area may be assessed a $75 fee by the Student Housing Office in addition to any other storage fees. Bikes left unattended over the summer are vulnerable to theft and vandalism.

For more information about storing a bike over the summer, call the Transportation Services Bicycle Program at (530) 752-2453.