Disabled Parking


UC Davis offers a Mobility Assistance Shuttle to campus faculty, staff and students with documented mobility impairments or disabilities. This transportation service is available for academic or work-related purposes and offers convenient on-campus rides to more than 40 locations across campus. Use the link above to view rates, hours of service, shuttle stop locations, contact information and eligibility requirements.


UC Davis disabled students, staff and faculty are required to display a valid campus permit along with their California DMV issued Disabled Person's placard/plate. To purchase a disabled permit (DSA), please bring your DMV issued Disabled Person placard/plate registration paperwork to Transportation Services (you may bypass the line and go directly to Window #1 for assistance). The DSA permit will provide access to Disabled spaces, "A" and "C" permit spaces, green time zones, and parking meters. "N", "M" or remote lot permits ("L") will provide access only to the area specified by the permit. Campus visitors may park with their disabled placard/plate without displaying an additional permit, and may park in spaces where DSA permits are honored.

Disabled spaces are conveniently located throughout the campus in parking lots and adjacent to some buildings. Disabled placards/plates are not valid in restricted spaces (such as 1 hour A permit spaces), loading zones, red zones, center core and reserved areas. Disabled individuals should keep their disabled person's identification with them at all times. Individuals are required to present their DMV issued Disabled Person's Identification along with a photo ID to Transportation Services personnel at the time of purchase.

If you are a Staff or Faculty member whose disability is severe in nature and requires additional parking accommodations within the restricted central campus, please contact the campus Disability Management Services Office at (530) 752-6008 for instructions on submitting a request for accommodation. Please allow 3-4 business days for processing. Students requiring additional assistance should contact the Student Disability Center.

For additional information please read our FAQ.
If you have any questions or comments please contact Transportation Services


A temporary medical parking permit is available to individuals with temporary disabilities and will provide parking where "A" permits are honored and at parking meters. The medical permit does not allow parking in disabled spaces or other restricted areas.

A temporary medical parking permit provides accommodation up to 2 calendar months only per injury. If you require parking accommodations for longer than this term you may wish to apply for a disabled placard through the California State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). After obtaining a DMV issued placard, you may purchase a campus DSA (disabled) permit from Transportation Services (please see information above).

If you wish to purchase a temporary medical permit you will need to obtain a statement of health from your physician, on letter head, noting the nature of the disability and the duration that accommodation is required (beginning and ending dates). Otherwise, accommodations will be made effective from the date of the physician's statement of health.

The cost for processing a Medical Permit is $15, and it must be displayed with a valid UC Davis permit.  If you do not already have a campus permit you may purchase one according to the permit types, terms and rates offered. 

FAQ's Regarding Disabled Parking At UC Davis

  1. Why does a disabled person have to pay for parking on campus?
    • All parking facilities, maintenance and administrative costs for parking are the responsibility of the Transportation & Parking Services units on UC campuses. As a result, Transportation Services requires that all individuals utilizing the campus parking facilities pay for their access. Campus policy identifies that all users of the campus' parking facilities share in the costs of campus parking.
    • Transportation Services' authority to establish all rules and regulations for parking on campus property is established through section 21113 of the California Vehicle Code.
  2. Isn't it illegal to charge disabled individuals for parking?
    • No. Disabled individuals may be charged like any other person to enter a parking facility that requires a fee (i.e., a parking facility for an amusement park, sporting event, or special event). Similarly, the parking facilities at UC Davis require a parking fee during posted hours. Disabled individuals are provided with more convenient and more accommodating parking options, in accordance with CVC section 22511.5, but may still be responsible for paying for their campus access.
  3. What does California Vehicle Code section 22511.5 mean if it does not mean that I can park for free in the specified zones?
    • CVC Section 22511.5 means that local authorities cannot restrict a disabled person from using disabled spaces, time zones, etc. Additionally, disabled persons may park in meters without paying a meter fee. Consistent with this section, the campus does not restrict disabled people from parking in these specified spaces. The campus does require that disabled persons pay the appropriate permit rate. Disabled persons are provided with unlimited access to the following spaces: A, C, L, Disabled, Time Zones and Meters.